Mint Hazely feat. Paradiso – No Need For A Drink

This song is about not becoming somebody else, to stand up for yourself, and to show who you really are. Make sure you live your life to enjoy it as much as you can!


31 July 2017

Track list

1. No Need For A Drink (Radio Version) 3:49
2. No Need For A Drink (Instrumental Version) 3:49


Music: Mint Hazely
Lyrics: Mint Hazely
Vocals: Paradiso
Producer: Mint Hazely
Mastering: Mint Hazely
Cover art: Mint Hazely & Paradiso
© 2017 Mint Hazely

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No Need For A Drink

Music & Lyrics: Mint Hazely

Facing this evening’s challenge
I’m proud to be temperate
I don’t want to join the phalange
watching my friends de-generate

Everyone think I should grieve,
they try to get inside my head
Maybe it would be best to leave
but I stay true to myself instead

I don’t need to have a drink
There’s so much to live for
I don’t care what you think
Just walk out the opened door

I don’t need to have a drink
You will see it’s not so bad
I don’t care what you think
The best choice you ever had

Friends talking about stuff
none of them remembers
It obviously was cool and rough
nothing for non-members

But I know what you’re hiding
you have all been framed
Faster and faster you’re sliding
I know what should be blamed


Dare to show, who you really are
it’s tough, but well it’s worth it
This would take you very far
I promise you, no bullshit!

Evenings now are fun and sound
don’t need the wasted blinds
As we have already found
connecting the purest minds

Why is everyone so proud?
My life would be gone in a blink
I want to shout out real loud
“I’m tired staring down the sink!”

You can’t afford the loosing
of your nights and days
it’s time to start choosing
to live your life in finer ways