Mint Hazely feat. CC Gold – Where Did She Go?

It’s time to start changing, learning from the past. She realises she has finally started to feel something… But, where did she go?


6 November 2016

Track list

1. Where Did She Go? (radio version)  3:50
2. Where Did She Go? (vocalless version)  3:50


Music: Mint Hazely
Lyrics: Linnea Molander
Vocals: CC Gold
Producer: Mint Hazely
Mastering: Mint Hazely
Cover art: Mint Hazely
© 2016 Mint Hazely

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Where Did She Go?

Music: Mint Hazely    Lyrics: Linnea Molander


The girl who looked at me before
the one who always locked the door,
she’s freer now, she’s strong and well
she’s felt the heavens, been through hell


She’s losing herself, she’s losing control
but finding her truth, her heart and (her) soul
What once was real is now the past,
by letting go, she’s changing fast

Where did she go?
When did she get here?
How does she know?
How does she know?

Through dreaming days and present nights
ecstatic depths and trembling heights
Surrendered times of simple joys,
with no more talking, no more noise


It’s still now, she can feel at last
the days of overwhelm have passed
When nothing’s messing with her mind,
she found what she came here to find